Ergo Wiosła

The Polish city of Plock celebrated its 70th anniversary. Part of the celebration was the 23rd year of traditional races on rowing machines Concept2. The race took place at Zespół Szkół Technicznych in Plock. It is a large-scale event in which more than 350 racers, not only from Poland, participated in different categories. Students from schools all around the city, representatives of the armed forces, amateurs and professional rowers, disabled people or important gentlemen in suits competed at this championship.

Representatives of the Concept2 Secondary Schools Indoor Rowing League representatives from Czech Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from Dobruška, which is their twinning school, were also presented at the event. Team consisted of: Jakub Korab, Michal Stejskal, Vaclav Smitka, Filip Rydl, Vaclav Shanel, Martin Arnost. In the accompanying program they had the opportunity to see a new school sports hall under construction with a capacity of up to 400 spectators and the historical part of the city. Their performance certainly did not disappoint, when three of them on the 500 meter distance finished under 1: 30.00 minutes. The fastest was Václav Smitka with time 1: 27,4 minutes.

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