Exxentric kBox4 Lite Advanced System

kBox4 Lite systems include the mid-range kBox model, perfect for users who frequently travel but refuse to compromise on their training.

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Due to its low weight, at just 9.5 kg, and incredible capabilities, including the built-in kMeter II feedback system, the kBox4 Lite is a hit among travelling teams and all kinds of facilities who wish to make the most out of their floor space.
The kBox4 Lite Platform is made in Sweden from powder-coated aluminium, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminium, and high-friction rubber. This model has a CE-marking Certificate as a Medical Device. The kBox4 Lite can simultaneously hold four Flywheels of up to 0.050 kgm² each, with the maximum inertia level being 0.200 kgm².

kBox4 Lite Advanced System

The kBox4 Lite Advanced System provides users with a wide loading spectrum as well as a variety of accessories for every muscle group. The inertia range in this system goes up to 0.175 kgm².

Exxentric kBox4 Lite Platform - Midnight blue/Anodic brown

Exxentric kMeter II

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.010 kgm2

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.025 kgm2

Exxentric Flywheel - 0.050 kgm2

Exxentric Hip Belt - Standard/Small

Exxentric Harness - XXS-XXL

Exxentric kBar

Exxentric Foot Block

Exxentric Flywheel Bag